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3 top kitchen cupboard doors to use for refacing

by Sara Kmiecik
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When refacing a kitchen unit, homeowners are given the opportunity to update or change the look and feel of the space. Those who are refacing their kitchen cupboards will keep the original layout and simply replace or remodel the cupboard doors, creating a new and, often, modernized look. Here are three popular types of kitchen cupboard doors in use today:


  1. Wood kitchen cupboard doors. While some may consider them an old standby, wood cabinets are durable and can stand the test of time. Wood cabinets can take stains and other finishes well and are often cost-effective. When choosing wood cabinets, homeowners can choose from several styles based on their personal styles and tastes. Popular styles of wood cabinetry include oak, maple, cherry and hickory. 
  2. Lacquer kitchen cabinet doors. Lacquer is another popular type of cabinet door for those interested in refacing their kitchen unit. Most lacquer cabinets are made from several different components and are very resistant to water, acids and alkalies. Lacquer cabinets are also easy to clean, requiring only mild soap or a good furniture polish. Lacquer will often come in plain colors such as white, black or cream, making this a popular choice in modern kitchens. 
  3. Thermofoil cabinet doors. Thermofoil cabinet doors are made from substrate material and provide the look of painted cabinets without the need for any brushstrokes. Thermofoil is a popular choice for those wanting to easily resurface their kitchen cupboard doors. Thermofoil cabinets are affordable and easy to clean. However, some Thermofoil cabinet owners report bubbling and moisture below the surface of the cabinet.

Refacing is a great way to update your kitchen without the expense and interruption of ripping out old cabinets and installing new. One of these three cabinet materials could be just the right look for your kitchen cupboard doors.

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