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3 types of wood replacement cupboard doors

by Sara Kmiecik
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When replacing wooden cupboard doors, the type of wood is just as important as the style and color of the cabinets. Different woods achieve different looks in a kitchen. Wood cabinets come in variety of prices, from affordable bamboo to high-end cherry. It is important to think of the overall design and budget before choosing new doors.

Replacement cupboard doors with real appeal

  1. Cherry wood is a common choice for replacement cupboard doors. Though it can be expensive, cherry is admired for its unique ability to transform as it ages. At first, a lighter stain is applied. As light penetrates the stain, the wood darkens. The older the wood gets the more light is exposed to the finish. And the color deepens its reddish-brown shade.
  2. Bamboo cabinet doors lend kitchens an exotic look. Bamboo cabinet doors are relatively inexpensive, because they are not solid wood. Bamboo must be cut into planks and veneered over another solid piece of wood before it is made into a cupboard door. Bamboo wood is becoming popular for all sorts of home uses, because its an eco-friendly, renewable resource.
  3. Maple is one of the most common types of wood used for replacement cupboard doors. More than 10 different species of maple wood are grown in the United States. Each species has a different grain and color, which can improve the overall look of a kitchen's cabinets.

When replacing kitchen cabinet doors, consider cherry, bamboo or maple to add a fresh look and feel.

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