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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

4 surprising benefits of refacing kitchen cupboard doors

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you're considering cabinet refacing versus complete cabinet replacement, you might be surprised at the extra hassles and expenses you can avoid by opting to resurface cabinets instead of tear them out. Some of these advantages might swing your decision in favor of refacing.

4 more reasons to resurface cabinets

  1. No permits. When you pull out all the kitchen cabinets and replace them, that means new construction. In many areas, you must have a permit to do this. Depending upon where you live, that can be a pretty penny in fees. Simply refacing your cabinets skips the permit requirement.
  2. Your home is still yours. Cabinet replacement can take several long days or even weeks. That means a contractor hanging out in your kitchen that whole time, disrupting your everyday life. When you resurface cabinets, the work is done quickly, and you get your house back.
  3. Fewer nights of eating out. Nobody wants to eat a sawdust casserole. During cabinet replacement, your kitchen is filled with tools, sawdust and materials. But if you are simply replacing the kitchen cupboard doors, the mess is much less. Since eating out constantly can increase your waistline and deplete your pocketbook, refacing is a good idea for the health of both.
  4. Less construction on other areas. When you replace only the kitchen cupboard doors, you bypass all the little things that must be handled during a complete replacement, such as new molding. In addition, a kitchen cabinet replacement that is the slightest bit off on measurement might necessitate replacement of countertops or flooring. Refacing cabinets eliminates those possibilities.

But there are other rewards, too

Cabinet refacing keeps your old cabinets in your kitchen and out of the landfill, so it can be better for the environment. And saving on some of the extras that go along with completely replacing cabinetry means you might be able to upgrade to the bells and whistles you have always wanted, such as decorative moldings or unique shelving solutions.

Keep in mind that refacing the kitchen cupboard doors can lead to great first impressions if you are showing your home to potential buyers. In a saturated housing market, it pays to have every advantage you can get.

Finally, cabinet refacing might actually be good for your health. Sound far-fetched? Consider this: a simple cabinet refacing removes the stress of a serious remodel, and that means a much more relaxed atmosphere around the house. It's an all-around winning solution.



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