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4 childproof kitchen cabinet styles of hardware

by Finn Turner
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Kitchens are generally the epicenter of home childproofing efforts. Between sharp objects and harsh cleaners there is a need to keep cabinets secure from the curiosity of exploring toddlers.

Cabinet safety hardware is available in a variety of designs so finding a way to childproof a wide variety of kitchen cabinet styles and layouts should not be a problem. These are some of the main styles of locks that are readily available:

  1. Double locks. This style is generally adhesive-backed bases that attach to adjoining cabinet faces that swing in opposite directions. The double lock is surface mounted on the outside and cinches the two cabinets together so that they cannot be opened. The manufacturer Dreambaby makes a version of this type of lock with rubber bases and plastic straps. The retail price is 19.99 for a dozen.
  2. Magnetic locks. This security system utilizes a magnetic lock and key. It operates like a traditional lock, but the key is a magnet that is removable from the surface when not in use. This is one of the few child safety options that is not visible from the outside, and it makes it a good option if the kitchen cabinet refacing is new and still pristine. Safety 1st and Kid Co both make a version of this style of lock. They retail between $10 and $15. Extra magnet keys can also be purchased.
  3. Sliding locks. This style of lock uses existing cabinet and drawer hardware and connects them with a sliding mechanism that renders them inoperable. If you are doing a cabinet refacing, consider the compatibility of this style of lock with this type of knob and pull hardware. The advantage is they do not require adhesives or permanent holes. Dreambaby makes a style of this lock that sells as a pair for $4.
  4. Adjustable strap locks. This style is an outward facing strap that works on both drawers and cabinets. It also works well in applications where some of the other styles won't, like around corners or securing a single cabinet front. Safety 1st makes adjustable strap locks that sell for $3.49.


There are a number of brands, styles, and levels of permanency for cabinet and drawer safety hardware. Experimenting and trying different models will help you find the right one to keep your children safe and fit in with your kitchen's look.

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