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5 mistakes to avoid with new kitchen doors

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Anyone who has ever fallen victim to remodeling fever can tell you: These things can get out of hand. Even if the extent of your kitchen remodel is a good cabinet refacing, perusing the wide selection of new kitchen doors can be enough to make you dream bigger than your budget. Keep your common sense about you by avoiding these kitchen remodeling mistakes.

5 good tips for keeping it simple

Got that fever that says you need to get new kitchen cabinets -- right now? Take a deep breath and cool down with these five tips.

  1. Avoid the trends. What looks great right now might not look so good in five years, and then you might be contemplating another kitchen remodel. If you want to design a kitchen that will look good for as long as you own your home, go with traditional kitchen cabinet styles.
  2. Don't underestimate the costs. Though kitchen cabinet refacing can be more affordable than cabinet replacement, going too far with luxury plans can decimate your budget. Get an accurate estimate of your costs, add 15 percent for things that might go awry, then reevaluate your plans and your budget before you move forward.
  3. Don't over-improve. Once you get started, it might be tempting to keep going until you have turned your kitchen into a showplace. But keep in mind the house and the neighborhood. Many homeowners make the mistake of over-improving, and when the time comes to sell the home, they might not see the best return on investment for their work and money.
  4. Make sure it blends in. You might have long held the dream of a kitchen that looks like it came straight from Tuscany, but will it work well with the rest of your home? Your kitchen should fit in with the style of the other rooms in your house.
  5. Don't rush anything. You will see your new kitchen doors every day for a long time, so take your time in making the best choice. Explore all the options, including kitchen door styles and colors that will fit into your budget. Remember that your kitchen door replacement will take at least a few days, and you will lose the use of your kitchen during that time. Plan for those little contingencies, too.

When you're ready to move forward with a kitchen remodel that suits your lifestyle and your pocketbook, it's time to call a contractor. You can connect with local, pre-screened contractors by filling out a form on this site. Ask for a few estimates, sit down to look them over, and choose with just as much care as you used to pick those new kitchen doors.

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