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2 affordable replacements for a kitchen cabinet door 

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Have you ever broken a single dish in a large set, leading to a mismatched look every time you set the table? Or somehow misplaced one of your prized pieces of silverware, leaving a very noticeable gap in the velvet case? The same kind of problem can occur with your kitchen cabinets. A serious burn mark from a little mishap with the stove, a huge dent left when you were moving in new furniture, or other I-can't-believe-that-just-happened incidents can leave you with a great set of cabinets -- with the exception of that one wrecked door.

How to find a single kitchen door replacement

Start out with the question of whether the door can be repaired. In some cases, especially if the affected area is mostly hardware, repair is possible. However, significant damage might mean replacing the offending piece.

You might find that kitchen door replacement is harder than expected. Stock or semi-stock cabinets are often sold in sets, and that can leave you out in the cold if you simply need one replacement door. You can always take the door to a home improvement store in the hopes of finding a match, and you might be in luck if you have a simple and relatively common door, such as a traditional flat panel laminate.

If your kitchen cabinets are wood, however, the finish on your door is probably unique to the lot it was sold in. That can mean that your new door sticks out like a sore thumb.

Try these options before new kitchen cabinets

There are two very common options that can work well for this situation. First, consider a complete kitchen cabinet refacing. Use that damaged door as an excuse to get a whole new look for your kitchen. By replacing only the doors, you ensure that the stain colors remain consistent throughout, but you don't spend an excessive amount of money on installing new kitchen cabinets.

A second option is to modify the existing kitchen cabinet doors in a way that removes the damaged area and gives the doors a new lease on life. For example, a serious dent in the center of the door could be a good reason to have a contractor remove the center of all the doors and replace with frosted glass inserts. That burn mark might be all the reason you need to try out those classic paint colors you have been thinking about lately.

No matter your choice to rectify that big "oops" that made a mess of your kitchen cabinets, a good contractor can help you explore all the options and choose a solution that works for your kitchen. You might even wind up with a new look that makes you grateful for the damage done to that kitchen cabinet door.

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