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Clearing the Way: Kitchen Cabinet Doors You Can See Through

by Gina Pogol
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Replacing your kitchen cabinets doors with clear glass ones can really open up your kitchen space. These doors offer several advantages:

  • If you have attractive dishes like colorful Fiesta Ware, antique china, or your kids' Spiderman plates, you can show them off even when they are put away.
  • It's easier to get and stay organized when you can see the contents of your kitchen cabinets at all times. And your kids won't have to slam 15 doors to find the cookies after school.
  • Your kitchen may look airier with glass cabinet doors.

And then there are the disadvantages:

  • You have less privacy: visitors will be able to see your copy of "Gourmet Cooking for Dummies" and they will know if you own a Fry-baby.
  • If you have fingers, you will leave fingerprints. The doors will need frequent cleaning to look their best.

Clear Kitchen Cabinets: Doors of Frosted Glass

Frosted kitchen cabinet doors don't provide the see-through advantages of clear glass ones, but they do lighten up your look without putting everything quite so "out there." You can achieve a very stylish look with light-colored cabinets and frosted doors. You can choose patterns to suit your taste, anything from monograms to scenic murals. Cleaning them is a snap, and smears and prints will not be nearly as apparent as they are with clear glass doors.



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