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Consider Panval Melamine for Cabinet Refacing

by Roger Diez
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you have decided that refacing your kitchen cabinets is part of your kitchen remodel, you have some decisions to make. Should you refinish your existing cabinet doors, or replace them? Do you want wood grain, solid colors, perhaps an abstract pattern? If you are replacing the doors, consider Panval thermofused Melamine as a material. Panval Melamine laminates can mimic a variety of wood grains. They also come in an array of solid colors, or you can choose abstract patterns fora strikingly modern look.

Panval Melamine Cabinet Door Costs

You can find Panval Melamine cabinet doors for as little as $20. Depending on door size, thickness, pattern, and whether you choose a textured surface, this price could be significantly higher.

Panval Melamine Pros and Cons

Panval Melamine has a number of advantages:

  • High quality
  • Durability--scratch resistant
  • Low maintenance--easy to clean
  • Heat resistant

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to Panval Melamine:

  • Does not hold screws well
  • May chip when being cut

The problem with holding screws can be minimized by using a higher quality substrate, but this does increase the cost. If you purchase finished cabinet doors, there should be no need for cutting. However, if you buy Panval Melamine in sheets and cut your own doors, use the correct saw blade to minimize the danger of chipping. The best method is a half-ripping technique on a table saw using a fine-toothed carbide ATB (Alternative Top Bevel) or triple-chip saw blade.

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