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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry: New Trends in Refacing with Metal

by Judi Sandall
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

You've decided not to replace your kitchen cabinets because you have the perfect kitchen layout and all of the boxes and frames are still sturdy. But you want to add some drama. Why not think outside the box and go with metal to reface your custom kitchen cabinetry. And remember, this isn't 1930s or '40s serviceable, this is 2013 styling. In addition to creating some stunning drama in your kitchen, metal is easy to clean, resistant to stains and corrosion, and recyclable.

Ways to Let Your Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Shine

Your design options are many. You can reface door and drawer fronts, have metal panels inserted in existing custom kitchen cabinetry, or reface with handcrafted metal frames that hold glass panels. And, you can add color and texture with the following options:

  • Stainless steel, copper, or brass
  • Finishes that are polished, matte, quilted or plain
  • Embossed patterns or metallic finishes

Refacing costs vary based on a number of factors including materials, the number and size of your doors and drawers, and the hardware you select; installation costs are generally tied to overall size of your custom kitchen cabinetry refacing project and geographical location. The following are representative costs from Frigo Design. Cost differences are based on metal type and finish.

  • Metal door refacing shells: $50-$120/standard size or $20-$40/sq. ft. for doors larger than 3 sq. ft.
  • Metal drawer front shells: $30-$90/standard or $15-$45/sq. ft. for drawers larger than 3 sq. ft.
  • Inserts: $25-$35 sq. ft. for stainless, $30-$40 sq. ft. for copper
  • Frames for glass: $145-$200 per door or $50-$70 sq. ft. for larger frames

If you're through with the same old kitchen look, try metal.



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