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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Customize unfinished kitchen cabinet doors

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Though many homeowners love to handle home improvement projects on their own, some of those projects can get too complicated for someone with novice carpentry skills. That's why calling in a contractor to install the replacement cupboard doors and/or new cabinets can be the best route to take. But what if you want to compromise and do some of the work yourself? Unfinished oak kitchen cabinets or cupboard doors can allow you to do just that.

Make those kitchen cabinets yours

If you want to put your own touch on your new kitchen, consider painting or staining unfinished cabinet doors. Stains range from light to very dark, but each brings out the beauty in the wood underneath. If you choose paint, the options are literally endless. From basic colors to carefully chosen custom blends, paint is a good way to add a burst of color and make your kitchen unique.

Once you have chosen the paint or stain, there are a few simple pointers to remember.

  1. Use the right tools. Choose high-quality brushes for the work, have plenty of lint-free rags on hand and buy the best quality tools recommended for your particular choice of paint or stain. For instance, some paints look best if the first coat is lightly sanded, or if primer is applied. Read the information on the product carefully and choose your tools accordingly.
  2. Ventilation is a must. The fumes from even the most environmentally-friendly paints can result in a nasty headache. If you can set up a work station outside, that's your best bet. If not, make sure the windows are open. Place a fan in the window to pull out the fumes.
  3. Take your time. Keep in mind that your guests will notice your cabinets the moment they walk into the kitchen, and you will live with them every day. Make them look great by taking care with smooth brush strokes and careful handling.
  4. Let it dry. Give each coat plenty of time to dry. If you live in a very humid area, allow even more drying time than the manufacturer recommends. Plan your installation accordingly.

Now get the replacement cupboard doors installed

After you have painted or stained those unfinished oak kitchen cabinets or doors to your liking, call in a professional to complete the job. A good contractor can have cabinet fronts in place within a few days, and you can be enjoying your new look by the weekend. You have done the fun part; now sit back and let someone else do the difficult work.


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