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Glass Kitchen Cupboard Doors: A Classy Upgrade

by Homer Winthrop
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Looking for a facelift for your kitchen without replacing all the cabinetry? Consider replacing old cabinet doors with glass kitchen cupboard doors for a new look. Here are some tips if you decide to use glass doors in your cabinets:

  1. Rework cupboard wooden doors. On most, a central panel must be removed to make way for the glass. Otherwise, serious and expert cutting is involved. Once cut, there's no going back. Your major expense should be minimal ($25 per door) save for any extra refinishing and distinctive hardware.
  2. Buy pre-formed door panels with openings already in place. For unfinished doors you must apply the desired paint, stain, varnish, laminate-veneer, and appropriate hardware. Once prepped, you install the panes. Pre-formed door panels can cost as little as $10 for the raw wood on up to $50 or more for glass-ready doors. Home Depot, Lowe's, and many other nationally-known home improvement stores offer a good selection. Shop around. Expert employees are a plus.
  3. Most companies ship the doors without glass. Your local glass company can cut the glass to size and even install the panes.
  4. As an added point of beauty, the interior cabinet surfaces should be painted to add colorful backgrounds and accents. For maximum effect, subdued lighting can also add charm to the interior.
  5. Some refacing experts advise that not all your cabinets benefit from glass doors, and care should be taken to use glass where it's most effective, mostly for upper cabinets and to feature quality items. Lower cabinet doors tend to be large and subject to breakage from passing traffic.

Shop around to find the best glass kitchen cupboard doors for you.







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