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Kitchen Cabinet Glass Doors Add Depth and Design

by Jim Sloan
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Refacing your kitchen cabinets with new doors, drawer faces and veneer on the trim and cabinet boxes can make an old room look new again. But if you want to completely transform that room, consider something really special for your kitchen cabinets: glass doors.

Kitchen Cabinets: Glass Doors Offer Several Advantages

Choosing some glass doors as part of your cabinet resurfacing project adds a full-time, three-dimensional quality to your new kitchen design. Here are some other advantages:

  • You can choose from a wide variety of glass including clear, frosted, bubbled, etched and mullion (where thin strips of wood separate the panes of glass).
  • Glass doors allow you to do creative things to the interior of your cabinets. You can color the interiors, stencil in patterns or install wallpaper to add additional depth and color to your kitchen.
  • Glass-door cabinets give you a display for special contents, whether it's fine china or glassware or other display items. An interior light turns a simple cabinet into an artistic display case.
  • Glass doors tend to make a kitchen appear larger by adding light and reflection from sun streaming through your windows.

Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets' Glass Doors

Glass doors, while elegant, may not be the best choice for every homeowner. Here's why:

  • They can break. Unlike wood, glass is fragile and can shatter.
  • Some types of glass leave fingerprints or show dust, so you'll probably have to clean the glass surfaces more often than wood doors.
  • You'll want to keep the items stored behind kitchen cabinet glass doors neat and tidy. A messy cabinet will make your kitchen appear cluttered.

A little bit of glass goes a long way. You don't have to use it on all your kitchen cabinets. Glass doors work best in cabinets along the ceiling or at each end of a counter or in a center island.



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