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Kitchen cupboard hinges are key part of any refacing project

by Jim Sloan
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When refacing your kitchen cabinets, you might think the hardest decision is what type of wood or design to choose for your new cabinet doors. That's because you haven't started thinking about what kind of kitchen cupboard hinges you'll need to hang those doors.

What determines the type of kitchen cupboard hinges you need?

  1. whether or not the kitchen cupboard hinges will show
  2. the type of knobs or pulls you have selected
  3. the weight and thickness of your cabinet doors
  4. how you want those cabinet doors to open

Styles of kitchen cupboard hinges


There are literally hundreds of different kitchen cupboard hinges made by manufacturers such as Amerock, Blum, Grass, Hickory Hardware, Salice and Youngdale. The most contemporary hinges--European style--account for more than 200 different styles alone.

Some hinges are completely hidden, some are partially hidden and some are completely visible and have a powerful impact on the overall design of your refaced kitchen cabinets. The degree of visibility determines how your kitchen cupboard hinges are installed: Some are surface mounted and some are inset into the frame and cabinet door. European style hinges can be installed on inset cabinet doors, overlay doors and partial inset doors.

Finishes include bronze, brass, nickel, gold, steel, pewter and wrought iron. Many manufacturers offer different colors and styles from which to choose among each of the finishes.

Tips for choosing the right hinge

With all these variables, here are the essentials to keep in mind when choosing your hinges:

  • The hinge finish should match the door pulls you have selected.
  • The hinge color should complement the finish of your resurfaced cabinets
  • The styles of the cabinet and style of hinge should complement each other--an antique hinge and a comtemporary-style cabinet door are usually not a good combination
  • For heavy doors, the hinge has to be sturdy enough to support the door without sagging over time

Finally, you have to take into consideration the cost. How much are hinges? The least expensive are a couple of dollars, whereas higher-end hinges can run more than $10 each.

About the Author
Jim Sloan is a freelance writer in Reno, Nev.

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