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Choosing kitchen cupboard hinges and hardware

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Though existing hinges and hardware can often be cleaned and reused, opting for a new look can spice up a kitchen makeover. However, keep in mind that not all kitchen cupboard hinges and hardware are created equal.

Kitchen cupboard hinges for every need

According to Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, there are numerous types of hinges suitable for different types of cabinets. Figuring out which hinges you need can be confusing, so plenty of research and comparisons are advised.

Start by looking at the structure of your cabinets. Are the doors attached to a face frame? A face frame is a strip of wood that surrounds the front of the cabinet box and provides an anchor for the doors. Each type--frameless or framed--requires a different type of hinge. How far your doors overlap the cabinet frame can also help determine the type of hinge you need.

Some cabinets veer from tradition, and these require specialized hinges. For example, sliding cabinets often use a hinges called flippers, while doors that close at an angle use cross-corner hinges. Fully concealed hinges are often used for doors that hide inner drawers or pull-out shelves.

Since each cabinet manufacturer creates cabinets that are a little different than that of their competitors, you might need to ask a contractor for information on the proper hinges to use for your cabinets. You can also take a hinge to your local home improvement store to help choose the best ones for replacement.

Hinges should always compliment other cabinetry hardware.

Cabinet door hardware completes the look

There are two types of cabinet door hardware: handles or pulls, which attach at two points; and knobs, which attach at one point. If your cabinets already have holes for handles or pulls, measure the distance between the holes in order to choose hardware that fits properly. Or take one of the old pulls to the store with you, when you shop for new ones.

Cabinet hardware is as varied as your imagination. Manufacturers constantly push the envelope in creating new options for kitchen cabinets that offer every look from ultra-modern to funky vintage. Knob Gallery, which calls pulls and knobs "functional art," sells knobs made of depression glass, intricate handles made of granite, and everything in between.

Knob Gallery is just one of several companies that offer unique hardware to finish your cabinet refacing job. Research the many offerings for cabinet hardware with an online search, or a visit to your local home improvement store.

Don't forget the screws!

Finally, keep in mind that due to the wide variety of manufacturing techniques used in creating cabinets and drawers, screw depths and sizes are not universal. Cabinet hardware usually comes packaged with screws, but those might not fit your particular cabinets. You might need to purchase screws separately in order to get the size and depth you need.



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