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Lazy susan doors add ease to kitchen storage

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

A kitchen cabinet refacing is one of the most affordable options you can choose for your kitchen remodel. In some cases, homeowners will choose to reface all the cabinets but opt for new construction in one particular area of the kitchen -- that hard-to-fit corner that seems to always be wasted space. That's where installing a lazy susan can come in very handy.

Lazy susan doors for kitchen cabinets

In most cases, the lazy susan section is the size of two doors put together at a 90-degree angle. However, this is not always the case, especially if the corner in your kitchen is particularly roomy. Most lazy susan doors are hinged both at the cabinet box and between the two door parts, allowing for a wider range of motion. Though a fixed door system is an option, most contractors avoid this because it can make access to the cabinet more difficult.

If you already have a lazy susan and need to measure the doors for a do-it-yourself refacing project, measure the individuals sides just as you would measure your regular cabinet fronts, with one exception: add an overlay and subtract 3/4 inch to make room for the piano hinge needed between the two doors. Consult with the cabinet dealer on how to denote lazy susan doors in your order, as lazy susan doors can have different hinge boring than your other cabinets.

Prices for lazy susan doors

In most cases, the shelving and hardware that goes inside the lazy susan are very affordable. A quick survey of home improvement stores found that the $50 to $150 range is a good bet for a high-quality lazy susan.

In some cases, contractors can install a series of shelves on which single lazy susans are installed. These individual shelves can help ensure the hardware stays sound for many years and that items falling off the back of the shelves don't block the rotation. Though these types of shelves are most popular in lazy susan corners, they can be installed in any type of cabinet. Individual shelves have a wider range of cost, depending upon the style chosen and the labor involved.

The cost of lazy susan doors might be higher than that of regular cabinet doors. Since many lazy susans are converted from existing cabinet space, there is a small bit of construction needed, as well as unique doors that are sized to fit your particular kitchen. If you already have a lazy susan and simply want to reface the doors, expect to pay a price comparable to that of two cabinet doors for the lazy susan door and assembly.


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