Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Do you need a contractor for refacing doors?

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Are you thinking about handling that kitchen door replacement yourself? Perhaps you could, but there are good reasons to hire a contractor. Here are a few factors you might not have considered.

How a contractor can make refacing cupboards easier

Though it can be tempting to do it yourself, there are reasons why a contractor could be a better bet.

  1. Contractors get the best deals. Most contractors receive a big discount on supplies and materials; as a homeowner, you don't have that luxury. The cost of materials for your new kitchen doors might be cheaper when you hire a professional to do it.
  2. You can get the "little extras." Doing it on your own might be limited to simply hanging the new kitchen doors. A contractor with experience and the proper tools might be able to build in those storage shelves you crave or do detailing on the cabinets that you don't have the skills to handle.
  3. You might come up with new ideas. A contractor can look at your kitchen with a much more critical eye, and that means fresh ideas you might not have considered. When you get an estimate for what you want, ask the contractor for suggestions -- it might spark an even better idea.
  4. There's a guarantee. Start by choosing a licensed, bonded and insured* contractor like those available by filling out a form on this site. Then ask what kind of guarantees and warranties they offer on the job. If something goes wrong a year down the road, it might not cost you anything to fix it.
  5. The job can go faster. Contractors have all the tools necessary to complete your cabinet refacing, and they have grown comfortable with those tools over years of experience. That experience means that your cabinet refacing typically moves along much faster than you could do it yourself.

Hiring a contractor can give you peace of mind that your kitchen door fronts are going to turn out looking professional. It might cost a bit more than doing it yourself, but the benefits are often worth the extra money.

Want to reward a good contractor?

Contractors can work wonders on much more than just your kitchen. From putting on the new roof to revamping that old bathroom to installing your vinyl siding, the professionals can make your home look beautiful, inside and out.

Speaking of great contractors, now is your chance to reward a good one with the bragging rights they deserve. America's Best Siding Makeover aims to treat your contractor -- and you -- for a job well done. If you know a contractor who has created a masterpiece of a siding job, take the time to nominate them. After all, every good contractor deserves a good recommendation.

*See terms and conditions on http://www.streetcertified.com/about/Terms.jsp

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