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Pros and Cons of Kitchen Cabinets without Doors

by Amelia Gray
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Thinking about making the jump to kitchen cabinets without doors? Before pulling the doors off your current cabinets, you should make sure you know the benefits and challenges of choosing this unique style.

Cons of Kitchen Cabinets Without Doors

You'll find some challenges when refacing your cabinets without doors:

  • Cleaning. Dust and dirt can find their way in easier, making it necessary to wash dishes more frequently.
  • Animals. If you have cats, they might see your plates as a good spot for a nap.
  • Dishes. If your dishes aren't display worthy, you might be scrambling to hide them when company comes.

Pros of Kitchen Cabinets Without Doors

The benefits of the style are worth the challenges for many homeowners:

  • Unique. This look offers a truly different style for any kitchen, and can perfectly complement a beautiful set of dishes.
  • Affordable. Stainless steel shelving can cost as low as $50 for an ultramodern look for your kitchen.
  • Creative. Customize kitchen shelving in as many ways as you would traditional cabinets, choosing between materials, styles and more.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Prices for kitchen shelving varies by the style, material and size you'd like, along with your location, the manufacturer you choose and other factors. Browse your options and learn more about how you can revitalize your cabinets within your budget.

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