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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing for visual appeal

by Shannon Lee
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Which kitchen cabinets would look best in your kitchen? Much of that depends upon how the elements of your kitchen fit together. Take a good look at your flooring, countertops and appliances to determine which kitchen cabinet door fronts might look best.

10 kitchen cabinet styles to suit any type of kitchen

Whether you love those stainless steel appliances, prefer a tile floor or want to make the most of your granite countertop, there is a cabinet style that suits your kitchen.

  1. Shaker. From ultra-modern to old-world traditional, Shaker cabinets seem right at home. Since they are so popular, they are also one of the best options for affordable cabinet refacing.
  2. Arched or cathedral. These grand cabinet doors can lend an air of wealth and tradition to your kitchen, making them a perfect choice for more formal kitchen styles.
  3. Flat panel or recessed. A rather contemporary option, flat panels or recessed doors look great with modern appliances and sleek stone countertops.
  4. Raised panel. Typically associated with a traditional or transitional kitchen design, these cabinets are perfect for a more elegant space.
  5. Glass fronts. Cabinets with glass fronts can work in almost any kitchen, depending upon the style of the glass inserts. Smoked or etched glass often works well in modern kitchens, while simple glass with mullions fits in well with more traditional styles.
  6. Beadboard. Looking for cottage style? Beadboard it is. Beadboard inserts can replace glass in some cabinets and make for a more affordable cabinet refacing job.
  7. Painted and distressed. Cabinets that show some wear and tear--even if they are brand new--can make your old-fashioned kitchen look even more interesting. The casual style also looks great in the Mediterranean kitchen.
  8. Custom woodwork. Do you want a unique style that no one else can duplicate? Hire a professional woodworker to create cut-outs and other designs that can suit your personal style. These work best in the laid-back, cozy country kitchen.
  9. Other unique options. For an even more country look, try chicken wire fronts. For a more eclectic look, go with cabinets in a muted color with heavy glaze that makes them shine in the light.
  10. Mix and match. Who says you have to choose just one? Eclectic kitchens can be where a quirky mixture of styles really works.

The cabinets can be the glue that brings many kitchen elements together. Choose your options wisely when it is time to reface your cabinets with new doors.

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