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Supplies You Need for Refacing Doors with Veneers

by Amelia Gray
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Refacing doors is a DIY project that can be completed over the course of a weekend. Before you get started, it's smart to assemble the materials you'll need.

Refacing Doors with Veneers Requires Special Tools

If you're refacing your cabinets with veneers, you'll need the following items:

  • Sandpaper. Sand all of the areas that will be covered by veneer. Basic sandpaper can be found for $3-$5, or more in bulk.
  • Tack cloth. This specialized cloth is perfect for wiping away sandpaper grit. Disposable cloths are under a dollar, while reusable microfiber varieties can run closer to $15.
  • Adhesive veneer panels. These panels offer the look of wood with the ease of adhesive laminate. Colors include maple, ash, oak and more, and range from $70-$90 per 24'' x 96'' sheet.
  • Veneer roller. Professional rollers help you remove any bubbles that exist in the veneer when you lay it down. Rollers come with different weights and shapes, and range in price from $11-$35.
  • Veneer saw. Required to easily cut through veneer material. These specialized saws cost between $10-30 for different sizes and quality.
  • Veneer edge banding. Give the finishing touch to your cabinets with banding. Many styles are heat-activated and can be sealed using a household iron or a professional banding iron. Banding prices range from $2-$20 per roll, depending on quality and length.

Basic materials like drop cloths, screwdrivers, measuring tape, marker pens, and a paper and pencil for sketching are also essential to any door refacing project.



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