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Unfinished Wood Drawers Match Unfinished Cabinet Doors

by Roger Diez
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Drawers are perhaps the most often used item in your kitchen. They experience a lot of wear and tear, being opened many times a day. So it follows that they should receive the same attention as cabinet doors when you are refacing your kitchen cabinets.

Matching Cabinets and Doors

If you are purchasing unfinished cabinets or doors, you will want to get unfinished wood drawers or drawer fronts to match. Fortunately, most manufacturers make unfinished wood drawers in popular styles and materials to match their unfinished wood cabinets and doors. The most common woods are birch, cherry, maple, and oak.

Complete Unfinished Wood Drawers or Drawer Fronts Only?

Whether you do a complete replacement with unfinished wood drawers or replace the door fronts only depends on the construction and condition of the original drawers. If they were cheaply constructed, perhaps with plastic drawer boxes and slides, you will probably want to upgrade to unfinished wood drawers with high quality roller slides. If the drawer boxes and slides are solid and operate well, simply replacing the drawer front to match the new cabinet doors should be sufficient.

While the drawer front needs to be the same material and design as the cabinet doors, drawer boxes can be ordered in a variety of materials including hardwoods, pine, plywood, and melamine. Pricing will depend on the material and drawer size. High quality sliders will cost from $5 to $16 in lengths up to 24 inches. Since you will be using the same finishing material (stain, paint, or varnish) on the drawer fronts as on the cabinet doors, that additional cost is minimal.




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