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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

The decision to reface your kitchen cabinets can be both exciting and scary. The possibilities are nearly endless, but if you don't plan carefully, you could end up with a kitchen that you like even less. Luckily, there are ways to avoid the mistakes that could cost you both time and money. Here are 5 common mistakes:

  1. Not Knowing Your True Skill Level: Let's face it, this could be one of the biggest kitchen cabinet refacing mistakes ever. While refacing kitchen cabinets can be a do-it-yourself project, it's a little more involved than changing a lightbulb. If you don't know exactly what you're doing, you might be better off hiring a contractor.
  2. Not Measuring Carefully: While it may take extra time, it's worthwhile to use a tape measure and level every step of the way. After all, you don't want to apply a beautiful new veneer to your kitchen cabinets only to discover that you've installed the hinges in such a way that the doors hang crooked or won't shut completely.
  3. Not Estimating Time: Let's face it, no matter who is refacing your kitchen cabinets (you or a contractor), it's going to interrupt your normal kitchen flow. Make sure that you plan the project around your schedule carefully and set aside enough time, particularly if you are doing the project yourself. Don't make the mistake of setting aside only one day for a two-day project.
  4. Not Knowing What You Really Want: This mistake happens when you don't really sit down and figure out what your kitchen's main problem is and how to fix it. If you are dissatisfied with the basic layout of your kitchen, or if your cabinets are extremely worn, warped, or damaged, slapping on a coat of a paint won't fix anything. In this case, you may want to consider a total kitchen remodel intead of a cabinet reface.
  5. Not Planning for the Future: Remember, the kitchen refacing choices you make as far as color and style are choices you're going to have to live with for a very long time. While hot pink may be in right now, can you really live with hot pink cabinet doors for the next several years? Trendy touches here and there give a kitchen a fresh look, but too much trendiness means out-of-date in a few years.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great way to get a new look for your kitchen without shelling out for an entire remodel. Just make sure you do your homework and prep, and you are much more likely to end up with a kitchen you can enjoy for years.


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