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3 Easy Methods for Remodeling Cabinets

by Sara Kmiecik
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Old and outdated cabinets can have a large impact on the overall feel of a kitchen; however, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to update them. In fact, there are several easy changes you can make to existing cabinets to increase their appeal. Here are three easy methods for remodeling cabinets:

  • New Paint: An Easy Choice. When remodeling cabinets that are made of wood, homeowners need only add a new coat of paint to spruce up their look. A new coat of white, black, brown, or beige can transform an outdated style into a new and modern design. If you enjoy bold colors, you can be creative with the paint job, choosing shades like green, purple, or blue. It is important to choose a color that fits your family's personal style and that you are likely to enjoy seeing for several years.
  • Remodeling Cabinets with Handles and Knobs. Homeowners who want to make a quick, affordable change to kitchen cabinets can do so with new handles and knobs. Trends for kitchen cabinet handles and knobs are always changing, with modern, stainless steel handles quite popular lately. You can easily purchase inexpensive yet stylish knobs at stores like IKEA or Target, and attach them to your cabinets.
  • Decorative Trim on Existing Cabinets. Decorative trim is another popular option for those interested in remodeling cabinets. You can choose a unique wood banding that matches the design aesthetic of the kitchen. After purchasing the decorative trim, simply cut, paint, and attach it with high-quality wood glue.

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