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A Stroke of Brilliance: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

by Gigi Siguenza
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

We've all had moments when the thought of our kitchen brings on a tired sigh. The cabinets are older and showing their age. The room feels dated and could use a makeover, but the expense of a kitchen remodel just isn't possible. Fortunately, with a little imagination and the right paint, you can give your kitchen a fresh new look for very little money.

A Full Spectrum: Color, Texture, & Faux Finishes

Modern technology has made a vast selection of paints available to the consumer, and faux finishes allow the creative homeowner to create an original look. With glazes that add subtle metallic sheens, texture elements that give the appearance of sand, and techniques that simulate everything from linen to wood grain, the options available to inventive minds are amazing.

Whether you choose to go with a classic sponge painting technique, or a trendier simulated-linen look, by painting your kitchen cabinets you can transform the whole room. Take it one step farther and swap the center door panels for chicken wire, glass, or punched tin, and you can really be original. Consider the cabinets a canvas waiting for your creative touch--your kitchen could become your masterpiece. By combining painting techniques with some new hardware and your imagination, your kitchen could go from drab and dated to being a unique reflection of your personal sense of style.


About the Author
Gigi Siguenza is a freelance writer and currently works in products & marketing. In the past, she has attended school for commercial art and design, as well as having worked as a kitchen and bath design specialist. She is an avid reader, and whenever possible, she pursues her love of art in its many forms.

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