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All in the (Cabinet) Family -- The Pantry

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

With a series of well-designed kitchen cabinets, you can store virtually everything necessary in a kitchen space. However, there may come a time when your kitchen cabinet design is simply not able to accommodate all of the food, utensils, machinery, dishes and other items you want to store. This dilemma leaves you with a few options - move out the table and chairs and install more traditional kitchen cabinets, stop buying so much food or invest in a pantry cabinet for your kitchen.

Personal Space

Space and design experts agree - the taller, more spacious cousin of the traditional kitchen cabinet, the kitchen pantry cabinet, is making a comeback, thanks to bulk shopping and multi-use kitchens. With a pantry cabinet in the kitchen, or even adjacent to the kitchen, you can eliminate clutter by storing certain foods and non-everyday items in a space that can not only hold it, but can hide it too.

Because of all the work it will do for you, a pantry cabinet should be made from materials that will stand the test of time for durability, strength, and style. Wood, such as high quality plywood or natural woods, such as fir, should be used in construction, although stainless steel would be an option for those whose style run in a more modern direction.

A pantry cabinet should fit the function and form of the space it will be in. No longer does a pantry cabinet have to be stuffed into a corner. Feel free to incorporate your pantry cabinet into the design of your existing ones and go ahead and buy a 10lb. box of macaroni to celebrate.

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