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An Introduction to the World of Functional Kitchen Cabinets

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Gone are the days when the lazy Susan revolving cabinet was the highlight (and only option) of the functional cabinet world. These days, homeowners who are remodeling their kitchen cabinets, buying a home, or refacing their kitchen cabinets and wondering what changes they could make to increase the efficiency of their kitchens have a variety of choices. If you're remodeling your cabinets and investigating whether functional cabinetry really can make your kitchen more functional, consider the following types of functional kitchen cabinets.

Functional Kitchen Cabinets for the Remodeler

  • Trash Can Pullout: Out-of-sight trash cans often entail the hassle of having either a small can that needs to be emptied often or the larger can that gives you only an inch of space between the top of the cabinet box and the trash. The remedy--install a trash can pullout. These gliding drawers either have racks from which your trash can hangs or a base on which it rests, giving you full access and keeping it out of sight.
  • Full-Extension Glides: These drawers can not only be pulled out completely, allowing you to see all of what's inside without rummaging around in the back, but models made for pots and pans can handle a lot of weight, giving you a place to store heavy cookware without worrying about the drawer falling out when you've extended it.
  • Custom Sizes and Locations: If you've always longed for an efficient way to store trays and cookie sheets, a very thin cabinet next to the stove could be a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you'd rather store them flat and use all the space in your kitchen, install a toe-kick drawer, which can be built into the toe kick area of your cabinet for even more storage space.
  • Pull-Down Bins and Shelves: If you have some particularly high kitchen cabinets, these shelves pivot downward, allowing you to grasp the lowest of the pull-down shelves and bring them all down and out in front of the others (and rendering the kitchen step-stool unnecessary).
  • Pullout Cabinets: Whether you're looking for an efficient way to store spices or a way to be able to see all your pantry goods at a glance, pullout cabinets give you a way to store your goods on shelves that can be fully extended out of the cabinet and visible from both sides.

If you're not a gourmet chef or don't cook that often, you might want to stick with basic cabinets. But if you're looking for a customized storage system, consider installing functional kitchen cabinets.


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