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Bathroom Cabinet Refacing with Veneer

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Measure. Cut. Paint. Press. And while a bathroom cabinet refacing project may involve a few more steps, those four buzzwords get the job done when you’re working with veneer. If you like the new look of your refaced kitchen, you’ll absolutely love what it can do for the other “most important” room of your home.

Refacing your bathroom cabinets is much easier than your kitchen cabinets simply because of the decreased surface area. You can have your bathroom refaced in a single afternoon with the right tools and strategy.

Gather Your Tools.

The three bathroom cabinet refacing materials that are most important are veneer material, slip sheets for traction, and core material. You can buy these in a set or separately, depending upon your preference. Other items you’ll want to have handy include a basic rubber roller, a sharp utility knife for trimming, sand paper for easing and blending the edges, and a rubber mallet.

Execute Your Plan.

Remove the bathroom cabinets and their hardware; sand and scour thoroughly. Using a standard utility knife and a metal straight edge, cut your veneer to include at least a 3/4" margin overhang. Apply a generous layer of contact cement to your core material, and then press on your slip sheet. Add another layer of cement to your veneer, and press again. Allow for sufficient dry time.

While you might get lucky and find a small selection of wood veneer at your local home and garden center, your best bet is to check with wholesale suppliers or venues that specialize in hardwoods.

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