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Blending A Kitchen Faucet Style

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Kitchen faucet styles have expanded greatly during the past 10 years. As you plan a cabinet refacing project, look to coordinate it with your kitchen faucet style.

Examine Popular Kitchen Faucet Styles

Kitchen faucets run the gamut, from smooth faucet stems that jut straight out to curved faucet stems with an old fashioned flair. If your cabinet refacing project includes traditional cabinet styles with raised panel doors and crown molding, consider these faucet styles:
  • A two handled faucet with a high arch.
  • A single handled faucet with a curved stem.
  • Any style with an antique finish, such as antique brass.
  • Any faucet with detailed handles to blend with cabinetry.

Contemporary Kitchen Faucet Styles

If your cabinet refacing project leans toward a contemporary style, with flat panel doors and minimal details, try these faucet styles:
  • Cool metal faucet styles with limited details.
  • Faucet stems with unique geometric shapes - cylinders, ovals or chunky blocks.

Smooth Metals Reign for Kitchen Faucets

The days of shiny brass faucets are gone. Today's faucet finishes are smooth, gray or brown metals with sophisticated looks. Among the hot faucet finishes are:
  • Satin nickel.
  • Brushed chrome, a softer gray than traditional chrome.
  • Aged brass, which has a weathered look.
  • Oil rubbed bronze, which adds a dark brown and reddish tone.
  • Brushed stainless steel, which blends with stainless steel appliances.

Blend Faucet With Cabinet Hardware

As you select a kitchen faucet finish, look to your cabinet hardware for guidance. The same cool brushed nickel finish can be used in both areas, for example. If you are refacing your cabinets in white, try oil rubbed bronze hardware and faucet to set off the crisp look of the white cabinets.

As you plan your cabinet refacing, look for a kitchen faucet that will coordinate, yet set the space apart. A subtle contrast can make a world of difference in your kitchen design.

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