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Cabinet Reface in an Unusual Place

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When most homeowners think reface, they think kitchen. And while this may be the most obvious room for fresh cabinet doors and hardware, there are other spaces in your home that deserve the same treatment. Here are some others to try.

For those of you who have completed a kitchen refacing project, you already know how much better the entire room looks. New cabinet doors and sparkling brass handles will change the way you see your kitchen. But don't stop there! Move to other rooms in your home that could use the same breath of fresh air.

Reface Your Place!

Any room in your home that has cabinets can benefit from a reface project. And the best part is that smaller rooms will cost less to complete than a full kitchen.
  • Bathroom. Think about how much time you spend in the bathroom. New laminate doors on a vanity or wall cabinet set will work wonders.
  • Utility Room. Utility rooms that connect to the kitchen typically have numerous cabinets. Give them a refacing makeover and make the space more inviting.
  • Laundry Room. Perk up the drudgery of washing and folding by refacing cabinets, drawers, and cubbies in the laundry room.
When choosing materials to reface these secondary rooms, keep in mind you don't necessarily need the most expensive laminates and hardware. Imitation wood will suffice in rooms that don't see as much traffic as your kitchen. And if the area is mess-prone, choose a thermofoil or RTF material that repels stains.

So reface every space in your home. Cheaper than new cabinets and much quicker to install, cabinet refacing can quickly transform your entire home.

About the Author
Kelly Richardson covers the home improvement scene in between his seasonal projects. His articles appear wherever intelligent interior design is valued.

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