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Discount Cabinets: Keep it Neutral

by Leslie Smith
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Whether you have decided to buy discount cabinets, custom cabinet doors or you want to learn how to reface kitchen cabinets, you need to be smart about the choices you make, especially when it comes to color.

Make Discount Cabinets Fade To Black… or White or Tan

Use color wisely in your kitchen to draw away from dated or low-budget items like discount cabinets. Discount cabinets can become an ideal backdrop in white, black or tan paint or stain, but may become the focal point in a bright or bold color.

Splashes of color in strategic areas of your kitchen may be far more interesting and can add richness and personality that discount cabinets might not. Canisters, artwork, or a beautiful piece of pottery in vibrant colors often attract the eye without breaking your bank.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets: Affordable and Reliable

This is not to say that discount cabinets are shoddy. You can find many that are quite good and can last years. However, the most interesting assets should be highlighted in any room of your home.

Perhaps your kitchen's focal point is your expensive backsplash, pendant lamps over a breakfast bar, or even your new appliances. Showcase those items so your investment pays off in the appearance of your kitchen. You can do that by painting or staining your discount cabinets and walls in neutral colors.

Choose Tan, Black or White Kitchen Cabinets

A neutral pallete evokes elegance. Of course, so do maple kitchen cabinets and cherry cabinets. If you can't afford the latter, tone down the discount cabinets and still achieve a custom kitchen look at a fraction of the cost.

As long as your stock kitchen cabinets are well-constructed, you should not have to replace them for a very long time.

Color can make all the difference--your kitchen tune up can hinge on it.


About the Author
Leslie A.M. Smith is a freelance writer and desperately needs a new kitchen. Until she can afford it, she has her eye on refacing her cabinets.

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