Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Cosmetic Surgery for Kitchen Cabinets

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Everyone else is doing it, why should your kitchen cabinets be left out? Just because they're made of wood doesn't mean your kitchen cabinets don't need a little work done too.

Kitchen cabinets are similar to the skin on your face. You see them every day. Sometimes you stop to notice the cracks and if there's a visible problem, you'll fix it, but usually kitchen cabinets are only really noticed when there's a problem that's gotten out of control. Avoid paying too much to repair kitchen cabinets by taking care of them regularly.

  • Check the hardware: Are the cabinet knobs and draw pulls screwed in tightly? Loose pulls can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the holes in your cabinets and constant pulling can make them loose over time.
  • Look closely for fine lines: Because of moisture and heat, your wood kitchen cabinets can start to crack over time. If you notice tiny cracks, take care of them quickly with a special epoxy and don't let them get out of control or you may end up paying thousands to replace them.
  • Stop Sagging: Sagging is a sure sign of age, as any face can tell you. Over time, kitchen cabinet shelves and doors can start sag--for many reasons. From the weight they bear to the use they endure to the simple aging process, your cabinets can give away their age at a glance if they're sagging. To keep your kitchen cabinets looking fresh and younger than they are, check the shelving and doors to make sure they are still sitting tightly. Use a level to see if any parts are starting to sag and if so, give them a lift so they don't cost and arm and a leg down the road.

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Kelly Richardson covers the home improvement scene in between his seasonal projects. His articles appear wherever intelligent interior design is valued.

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