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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Custom Kitchens: Cabinets can add Beauty and Value with a Simple Facelift

For custom kitchens, cabinets can help transform the look if you refinish the original surfaces, a less costly option than replacing them. It involves stripping, sanding, priming, and applying the final finish, be it paint, stain or varnish. The job can take 3-5 days on the average. If you choose to do it yourself, total cost should be approximately $50 per opening according to Consumer Reports Magazine. A professional can cost double that or more but the work is guaranteed.

A new exterior surface can be applied to all visible surfaces, doors, and drawers. It can challenge the skills of all but the most skilled DIY enthusiasts. A professional can refinish your custom kitchen cabinets in 2-4 days depending on the size of the job. Options include:

  • Thermofoil. A thin vinyl stick-on material that emulates a painted surface in several colors or a grained surface for a wood-like style. Thomasville is a premier company offering Thermofoil.
  • Veneer. The product comes as a sheet that you cut to size. 3M is a principal manufacturer. Veneers reflect any style from antique to ultra-modern.
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). These are entire doors and drawer fronts. Although MDF is a very inexpensive material, extra work is required, like cutting, finishing, adding new hardware, and mounting. Amazon.com provides US-based sources for these products.

If employing a professional you can expect to pay approximately $250 per cabinet, a ballpark figure that compares to $500 per cabinet for complete replacement. Prices and guarantees vary, so your best bet is to get at least three bids before going ahead updating your custom kitchens. Cabinets can be a great place to start.




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