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Doors for Kitchen Cabinets: Which Wood is Best for You?

by Britt Young
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Your doors for kitchen cabinets set the tone for your entire kitchen, and wood cabinets often make a tasteful, functional statement. But, which wood should you choose when refacing your kitchen cabinets?

Popular Wood Doors for Kitchen Cabinets

Here's a quick tutorial of some of the most popular choices:

  • Cherry: This has a very smooth, uniform grain and looks elegant. You can stain it many shades (the most common is deep brown-red) Use stainless door handles for a sleek look, and add granite countertops and rattan bar stools for much-needed contrast.
  • Ebony: This material is a very dark, almost black, wood with a noticeable black grain, and it can make a kitchen look very exotic. However, it's quite expensive.
  • Hickory: This is a very hard wood that holds up well, with a pronounced straight grain. It's most at home in country kitchens.
  • Maple: This material is the number one choice for kitchen cabinets. It has a smooth, fine grain that accepts color well, so it can blend right in with your kitchen.
  • Mahogany: This is very dark, with a straight grain, so it fits in best with formal kitchens.
  • Oak: This has a coarse texture that can be made more pronounced with a dark stain, or lessened with a lighter stain. It's very durable and doesn't expand much with humidity.

The wood you choose for your doors for kitchen cabinets can take your kitchen from ho-hum to extraordinary. All it takes is research, a sense of style, and imagination.



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