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Dos and Don'ts of Glass Cabinet Doors: Tips for Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you're researching refacing your kitchen cabinets, you're probably interested in finding a new look for your kitchen that won't cost too much. But how do you decide what look to go with? If you're really looking for what could be a dramatic change from your current style, consider choosing glass kitchen cabinet doors.


Advantages of Refacing with Glass Cabinet Doors

  • If you have a dark kitchen, glass cabinet doors can brighten things up by allowing light to pass through. In particular, if your cabinet boxes are a dark color but the inside of the cabinets are white, allowing the white to show through the glass brightens the kitchen. Because the white color isn't everywhere (and is broken up by your dishes), the kitchen shouldn't look as cold or sterile as it might if all the cabinets are painted white.
  • Glass cabinet doors can also make your kitchen appear larger. Whereas wood cabinets can block or cut off part of the room, glass cabinet doors can open up space.
  • If you have beautiful or interesting dinnerware, glass cabinet doors can display them and become part of the interior design of your kitchen.

Of course, your kitchen might not be right for glass cabinet doors. If you're not sure, consider the following dos and don'ts.

Dos and Don'ts of Glass Cabinet Doors

  • Glass kitchen cabinet doors aren't for every kitchen. If your dinnerware and cookware are mismatched in a way that's not aesthetically pleasing, letting everything show through glass cabinet doors could make the kitchen look cluttered. If you really want to lighten and open up your kitchen but your plate styles and colors clash, consider going with frosted glass panes instead of clear ones.
  • Put plates and heavier cookware toward the bottom, glasses on the top. Glasses are less heavy visually, so most of the time they look better if they are placed on higher shelves, with plates and bowls on lower shelves.
  • If you have a floor-to-ceiling cabinet that serves as your pantry, reface the cabinet door with the same framing style as the other cabinets, but don't install glass cabinet doors on your pantry. Ingredient boxes, bags, and cans in the pantry are generally too varied to look aesthetically pleasing, so keep them out of sight.
  • Keep your cabinets neat and cleaned at all times! Glass lets everything show, so you have to be willing to go the extra mile to guarantee that what's showing is pleasing to the eye.

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