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Drawers for Cabinets: Essential Elements in Kitchen Refacing

Drawers for cabinets are usually included in the job when refacing kitchen cabinets. Nevertheless, they can require special attention in blending with the overall decor.

  • If the process deals with refinishing the visible surfaces, you follow the same procedures as with the cabinet doors: removal of the original finish, sanding, priming, and refinishing with the matching paint or varnish. This is the simplest and least expensive approach. Approximate cost is $5 per drawer front.
  • If working with laminates such as Thermofoil or veneers, a flat drawer surface works well. You prepare the surface and apply the corresponding laminate. Cost is usually not a factor since a generous estimate when working on doors should leave enough material for the cabinet drawers.
  • Many drawer fronts feature irregular surfaces where applying an outer surface becomes complicated. This calls for replacement of the entire front panel. You can buy front panels for approximately $25-$45 depending on the size. When refacing cabinet doors, selection of matching drawer fronts is called for to maintain harmony. Care must be taken removing old drawer fronts since they might form the fourth side and require specialized work to attach the new panel. If the front is attached to the separate fourth side, removal and replacement is easier.
  • An alternative entails cleaning or replacing only the hardware knobs and pulls to add a fresh touch without disturbing the original drawer fronts.

Unless you have experience in woodworking, replacement drawers for cabinets is better handled by a professional since structure is a factor.


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