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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Easy Hardware Makeovers for Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

A kitchen cabinet serves any number of purposes--storage, a hiding place, protection for breakables, organization, and … decoration? Many people don't think of kitchen cabinetry as a decorative element in their kitchen, but the customized kitchen hardware trend is quickly changing the way cabinets are viewed.

Fancy to Functional

Kitchen cabinet hardware is no longer limited to that which came with your cabinets when you first occupied your kitchen. Thanks to the Internet, antique dealers, yard sales, artists and other designers, you can now find kitchen cabinet hardware to fit virtually any style in any home. You can choose from traditional materials such as glass, plastic, wood, or metal to exotic materials like Lucite, bamboo, gemstones or porcelain. The options are endless.

A Quick Fix

Replacing or installing new kitchen cabinet hardware is a great way to quickly update the look and feel of your kitchen. Updated cabinet hardware can add a splash of color to a neutral room or a touch of the modern feel to a more traditional space. Without spending a great deal on larger kitchen renovations, you can create a mini-makeover simply by installing new cabinet hardware.

Think about what kind of design you would like to have, even something non-traditional, such as a sports logo or a hobby-based design, and find a manufacturer who produces customized pieces that fit your tastes. Although your choices are virtually unlimited, you will need to decide if your new kitchen cabinet hardware will be the only makeover you undertake or if it will be a small part of a bigger project. If you plan to make more changes, choose cabinet hardware that will remain relevant in spite of changes you plan to make.


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