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Enter the World of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

by John Tuthill
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

An important aspect of kitchen cabinet refinishing is finding the right doors to complement your remodeled kitchen. You can browse through your door options based on a variety of characteristics. Here are a few attributes that you will need to keep in mind while searching for the perfect kitchen cabinet doors.


When selecting kitchen cabinet doors, you may want to match the wood species to that of your wood kitchen cabinets' face frames and side panels. The type of wood you choose will define how your kitchen cabinet ages, with some species responding to exposure to light and air. For example, the color of cherry mellows with age to a rich, dark maroon.

Door Shape

Three of the most common kitchen cabinet door styles are slab doors, arch doors, and square doors. Square doors are available in raised panel or recessed panel styles in solid wood or with a veneer panel. Arch doors are also available in both of these styles and you can mix arched doors with their square counterparts for variety. In contrast, slab doors offer elegance and simplicity.

Finish Style

These days, there are virtually thousands of kitchen cabinet finish colors that you can access from the comfort of your computer. Although it is useful to browse through finish colors online, the actual color of your finished kitchen cabinet doors may or may not appear exactly like the color you see on your computer monitor. Make sure to order a product sample of the species and finish color before finalizing your order.

The number of options for kitchen cabinet door shapes and styles is daunting. Your best bet is to take a look at a finish display or product sample that uses all of the door characteristics that you are considering.

About the Author
John Tuthill is a cabinet maker and a regular FaceYourKitchen columnist. He lives in Missoula, Montana.

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