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Enjoy Your Space: Five Refacing Tips for a Decluttered Kitchen

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you've read anything about kitchen cabinet refacing, by now you know the routine--take all cabinet doors and hardware off, remove utensils from cabinets, apply new veneer or paint, install new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. So while you've got everything out of the kitchen cabinets, it's the perfect time to declutter your kitchen. Follow these tips if you want to finish your refacing job with a kitchen that is refreshed and neat, both on the surface and behind those new refaced cabinet doors.

Five Tips for a Decluttered Kitchen

  1. Prepare ahead of time. Start decluttering in the preparation phase of kitchen cabinet refacing. A day or two before your scheduled kitchen reface, go through your cabinets and remove all items, putting them in clearly labeled boxes or plastic bins. Put items that you use every day into one box to keep them easily accessible during the reface.
  2. Stick to your organization system. Force yourself to put everything into a box. Generally, good categories to have include "Used everday," "Used often," "Used seasonally," and "Never used." Of course, there is also the trash can and items that need to be stored in another area of the house. Not sure what category something belongs in? Ask yourself when the last time was that you used that item. If it's been more than a year and it's not seasonal, give it away or sell it.
  3. Strip to a bare minimum. If there are seasonal items that you use only once a year for holidays, find a place other than the kitchen to store them.
  4. Create an efficient working flow. Experts suggest that glasses be stored near the dishwasher or sink, coffee mugs near the coffee maker, food preparation utensils closest to the countertop area where you use them most. Try to keep the countertops cleared of everything except for those every-day items that are too big for the kitchen cabinets.
  5. Be merciless. Remember, between the declutter job and the cabinet refacing, you're refreshing your kitchen from the inside out. Why do you need a fresh pasta maker when you barely have time to microwave frozen dinners? After all, if you're refacing you're not going to keep one worn, outdated cabinet door just for the memories. Your kitchen should be a space that enables you to work efficiently.

It may take time and effort, but once you've finished decluttering your kitchen and refacing its cabinets, you could have a beautiful cooking space with room to breathe.


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