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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets to Keep Them Looking Brand New

by Leslie Smith
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you just finished major kitchen renovations or a minor kitchen tune up that included new kitchen cabinets, you know how great your cabinets look and how much you want to protect them.


Maple Kitchen Cabinets

New maple kitchen cabinets need only a gentle wipe-down with a soft cloth to remove grease and dust. If you had a pot of spaghetti sauce explode on your cabinets, you might need something a little stronger. An oil-based soap is best, like Murphy's Oil soap, to remove any stubborn foods or grime. Clean the food off first, then use a sponge dampened in the soap solution. Don't use rough, abrasive cleaners that can damage the finish. The same care should be given to cherry cabinets or other natural woods.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

The best thing for glass is good old vinegar. Many people use it with newspaper for a non-streaked look. Be careful that the newspaper does not leak ink onto your cabinets--it could stain the wood. There are many commercial cleaners containing vinegar, too; however, to stay completely green, stick with vinegar right out of the bottle.

White Kitchen Cabinets

These might be the hardest to keep clean since you can see everything on them. However, if you have a regular routine and are comfortable with the methods for cleaning them, you can keep white cabinets looking fresh pretty easily.

If keeping your kitchen cabinets clean is important to you, it's just a matter of knowing how and when to do the job.

About the Author
Leslie A.M. Smith is a freelance writer who desperately needs a new kitchen. Until she can afford it, she has her eye on refacing her cabinets.

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