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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Is Cabinet Refacing the Answer for Your Chicago Kitchen?

by Allison Millar
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Kitchen cabinets are among the most important part of any kitchen. This is particularly true in Chicago's sophisticated housing market, where owners expect top notch kitchens. If your cabinets are worn and out of style, you may be wondering whether to replace them or do a cabinet refacing. Here's how to decide.

Cabinet Refacing Ideal for Sturdy Cabinets

One important factor is the quality of your cabinets. Cabinet refacing works well on cabinets that are structurally sound, but lack the look or finesse of new cabinets. In many of Chicago's older homes on the Gold Coast and in Lincoln Park, the cabinets are made from quality materials, making them ideal candidates for a cabinet refacing.

Consider Chicago Home's Resale Value

Cabinet refacing typically provides a good bang for the buck, allowing home owners to recoup a major portion - if not all - of their investment sooner. A full kitchen remodeling could take years to pay off.

Consider Budget When Debating Cabinet Refacing

Your budget also is a key part of any kitchen remodeling decision. Cabinet refacing is popular in many Chicago neighborhoods because home owners want the look and functionality of a new kitchen without paying for an expensive remodeling. This is true in Chicago's many downtown condominiums, as well as pricier homes in outlying suburban areas.

Through cabinet refacing you also can add these inexpensive updates:
  • New cabinet hardware
  • Crown molding on cabinets and throughout the room
  • A new faucet and sink

Kitchen Cabinet Layout Also Important

Cabinet refacing will give you a dramatic new kitchen, but it will not solve problems with a kitchen layout. If you need more space in your kitchen or want to reconfigure the location of your appliances, you typically are better off doing a full remodeling. Consult with a cabinet refacing company and a remodeling contractor to weigh those options.

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