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Jazz up Your Refaced Door Fronts with the Perfect Hardware

by Judi Sandall
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Choosing the "perfect" hardware for your refaced door fronts can be a challenge. In fact, it should be a challenge. Just any old hardware from your local home improvement store won't make the grade. And, if you don't make wise hardware choices, you can actually detract from what could be a truly spectacular kitchen refacing makeover. Your choices don't have to be expensive, but make sure to put some thought into them. Like high fashion, accessorizing can be key to the overall "feel" of your kitchen; pull your entire kitchen look together with your hardware.

Door Fronts Alone Don't Dictate Hardware Choice

What have you got going in your kitchen?

  • Minimalist or ornate. Do you have a Zen or industrial kitchen vibe? Or is eclectic and kitsch more your style?
  • Theme. Are you looking to reprise a Tuscan or rustic Mexican kitchen?
  • Period. Is your kitchen Victorian, early Americana, or vintage '50s?
  • Color scheme. Is it painted red and black for high style; in calming earth tones; beach cottage-y cream and light blue; or coffee, cream, and chocolate?

No matter what type, style, or color your kitchen is, there's hardware for that. It comes in different metals and finishes, glass, ceramic, and wood. It can be ornate or sleek and sophisticated; any shape imaginable; or look like animals, shells, flowers, and much, much more. Visit your local hardware store or look online for thousands of choices. Hardware for your refaced door fronts can cost anywhere from less than a dollar apiece to a hundred dollars or more. But it's not about how much money you spend but how much thought you put into your choice. With a little creative thought and some research, you can have the perfect hardware for your spectacular kitchen makeover.


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