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Kitchen Refacing Supplies: What, When, and How

by Kelly Richardson
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

As with most home projects, the key to doing things right, and in a timely fashion, is having the tools for the job--especially when it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing. Don’t turn a weekend project into a month long odyssey because you aren’t prepared.

Perhaps the best thing about kitchen cabinet refacing is that the work can be done with a short list of tools and supplies. There are even several replacement options if you don’t have one or more of the items listed below. Many items can also be rented by the hour at your local home and garden center.

Heavy Metal

This category is for the power tools and larger items. Anytime you can find a cordless version, it will save you a great deal of time and effort.

  • Drill/driver. You’ll do a couple of tasks with these--remove your old kitchen cabinets and hardware and assemble and hang the new materials.
  • Handsaw. A quick, convenient way to remove extra wood from drawers.
  • Hammer. You need a traditional hammer to work with molding.
  • Pneumatic air hammer. Also called a brad nailer, this auto version reduces your risk of hammer’s elbow.

Hand Tools

Less risky to use, but still vital, these items help you perfect the angles and match the lines.

  • Level. You can use a smaller level here because doors and drawers are shorter.
  • Pry bar. The small version of a crowbar, this tool helps remove cabinet fronts from sliders.
  • Tape measure. Auto-locking makes measuring a one-person job easier.
  • Utility knife. Make sure the blade is fresh to cut excess veneer.
Of course, if you elect to have your kitchen cabinet refacing project completed by a professional, they’ll bring the necessary tools.

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