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Laminate Cabinets: Offering up a Full Palette of Options

by Gigi Siguenza
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

The word laminate immediately brings to mind the 70's kitchen full of olive drab gold-flecked laminate and rust colored appliances. It's time to shake off those flashbacks because laminate has grown up.

For those of you with older homes the decision to remodel your outdated kitchen is not a hard one. It's deciding what the new kitchen will look like that has you stumped. Perhaps some information on laminate options will help take the picture in your head and make it real.

A Palette of Colors at Your Fingertips

Do you prefer a slick, contemporary look? Then check out the solid color laminate options. The variety of color alternatives with distinctive shades, slightly metallic sheens, and reflective two-tone qualities can take that contemporary vision and make it visionary.

Is your dream kitchen more traditional? The wood grain laminates offer every wood type and stain color that you could find in solid wood products, giving you the ability to bring a touch of Tuscany warmth into your cold climate kitchen.

Have a flair for the unique? Consider the palette of laminate colors, sheens, tones, and textures a palette waiting for you to paint your kitchen cabinets. Imagine being able to combine the different textures and colors used to create contrast between doors and boxes. Your kitchen could be the masterpiece you envision.

Beautiful & Affordable is Not an Oxymoron

Refacing your cabinets with laminate in a fraction of the time of a full kitchen cabinet installation can cut the cost of a kitchen remodel considerably. Choosing to go with a laminate refacing option not only offers a wonderful range of colors, textures, and styles, but can save you money as well.

About the Author
Gigi Siguenza is a freelance writer and currently works in products & marketing. In the past, she has attended school for commercial art and design, as well as having worked as a kitchen and bath design specialist. She is an avid reader, and whenever possible, she pursues her love of art in its many forms.

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