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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Make the Most Out of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

by Kirk Bangstad
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

With the average kitchen remodel costing over $50,000 and taking several months to complete, cabinet refacing makes a lot of sense. So does making a few extra improvements that make the investment even smarter.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is all about setting a smart budget and enhancing your kitchen's look and function. These simple tips don't cost much, can be done yourself, and can help make your cabinet refacing project even more effective.

Storage Strategy

Having your kitchen cabinets refaced creates the perfect opportunity to rethink the storage they offer. Placing food and kitchenware strategically can bring some much-needed efficiency to your kitchen. Throw away forgotten items, consolidate overcrowded areas (Tupperware, pots and pans), and splurge on a few new kitchen tools.


Remodeling experts often recommend simple lighting upgrades to spruce up a kitchen. Installing central, more direct lighting fixtures comes at a much lower cost than recessed or track lighting, and can easily improve the appearance of a space. (Under-cabinet lighting adds a nice touch, too, especially with cabinet refacing).

Clear Those Counters

Why clutter up your kitchen after a cabinet refacing project? Show off your new cabinet doors and fixtures by keeping counters clear, placing only the essentials on these surfaces: coffee makers, knife blocks, and some well-placed decorative items like vases or bottles.

Extra Tip: Hire or DIY?

Not every simple kitchen remodeling project requires that you hire a contractor. You can add decorations and easy lighting facelifts on your own, although cabinet refacing is best left to professionals, according to a home improvement editor for the (New Jersey). Investing in cabinet refacing through a contractor can help ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

About the Author
Kirk Bangstad is an artist manager and singer working in Chicago, IL. His previous experience includes consulting for technology companies in the Silicon Valley and serving as a field director and publicist for a statewide political campaign. Kirk holds a B.A. in government from Harvard University.

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