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Remodeling Companies Offer More Affordable Kitchen Improvements

by Joe Cooper
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Remodeling the kitchen is a concept that often brings more headaches than high-fives. But homeowners have more options than ever, as kitchen remodeling companies focus on making smaller, more affordable improvements that don't leave homeowners hung out to dry through a long kitchen remodel.
With the average kitchen remodel taking at least three months and over $80,000, alternatives can be essential. More companies are providing them now, and finding great success in the process

Doing Kitchens Efficiently

The home-based California remodeling business We Do Kitchens!, run by John and Vicki-Lynn Ellis, aims to change the perception that kitchen remodeling is both expensive and time-consuming. By targeting kitchen cabinets, the biggest element of most kitchen remodeling projects, and ordering directly from manufacturers, they keep costs low.

They also report an average of a one-month turnaround for kitchen remodeling projects. Homeowners can be stuck without a functional kitchen for months on end, and that's exactly what the Ellises try to avoid.

A Tune Up Can Do the Job

Another remodeling company, Kitchen Tune-Up, focuses on smaller repairs and remodels that help give a kitchen a face-lift without costing homeowners a fortune. Floor refinishing, cabinet refacing, tile and other "small" kitchen and bathroom improvements are among its offerings. It has been rated #1 in its market by Entrepreneur magazine, and represents this growing trend of home improvements that aren't "major."

There are many more companies like these two that offer efficient ways toward a "new" kitchen. Homeowners are no longer shackled to high prices and long timelines. Remodeling is made easier through kitchen cabinet refacing and other improvements.

About the Author
Joe Cooper writes home services and design articles and edits medical literature. He holds a bachelor's in American Literature from UCLA.

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