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To Replace or Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets

by John Tuthill
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Are you trying to decide between refacing and replacing your aging kitchen cabinets? Before you make this difficult choice, it is important to evaluate the layout, workspace, and storage limitations of your kitchen.

If you choose to reface your old kitchen cabinets rather than invest in new ones, keep in mind the basic structure of the cabinets does not change. Although the structural and cosmetic improvements of kitchen cabinet refacing undoubtedly gives your kitchen a fresh look and increases the value of your home, it does not fix problems with layout, traffic, or space. Here are several factors to consider before you decide to reface or replace.


How does traffic flow in your kitchen? Are there bulky cabinets that crowd the kitchen, or an island that interrupts the central space? If you are constantly dodging kitchen cabinets, you may want to change there location.


Do you have enough storage space? Do the kitchen cabinets effectively store all of your items? Perhaps you need cabinets for storing specific items such as fine china for display or bulky equipment like appliances.


Is the layout of your kitchen cabinets convenient? Do you find yourself wasting time walking back and forth between cabinets across the room from one another? Awkward organization can be wasteful and frustrating.

Be sure to consider all of these options when choosing between replacing or refacing your kitchen cabinets. Before embarking on your refacing, make sure that you are satisfied with the layout and storage options of your kitchen.

About the Author
John Tuthill is a cabinet maker and a regular FaceYourKitchen columnist. He lives in Missoula, Montana.

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