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Replacement Kitchen Drawer Fronts Complete a Cabinet Refacing Project

by Roger Diez
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

When refacing kitchen cabinets, drawer fronts should match the cabinet doors. If you are using stain or paint, this is easy; simply apply it to the drawer fronts to match the cabinet doors. But if you are replacing the doors with another style, do you simply replace the drawer fronts to match, or do you replace the entire drawers? The age of your cabinets, the quality of the runners, and whether your drawer boxes are wood or plastic are all factors to consider. Plastic grows brittle over time and can crack, and replacing runners with a higher quality roller mechanism may prevent drawers from sticking.

Replacement Kitchen Drawer Fronts

If you have good quality drawer boxes and runners, replacement kitchen drawer fronts may be all you need. This is a relatively easy task to complete, but attention to detail is paramount. Follow these steps:

  1. Meticulously measure so your new replacement kitchen drawer fronts fit perfectly.
  2. Order the replacement drawer fronts and the cabinet doors at the same time. Home improvement stores, kitchen specialty stores, and lumberyards are good sources. Prices vary according to materials, quality, and supplier, and usually run from under $10 to over $30 per drawer front, so shop carefully.
  3. Carefully remove the old drawer fronts after marking where they attach to the box. They may be attached to the drawer box with screws or glue, or possibly both. Clean any glue residue from the front of the drawer box.
  4. Mark the replacement kitchen drawer fronts in the exact same orientation as the old ones, and attach them to the drawer box with screws.

Enjoy your freshened-up kitchen!



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