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Should You Hire a Contractor for Your Kitchen Cabinet Reface?

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

If you are preparing to reface your kitchen cabinets, you've probably already made several major decisions--what style of kitchen you want, what materials to use for the reface, and how much you're willing to spend. One of the most important decisions in this process is deciding whether or not to make this a DIY project or hire a contractor to do it. If you're not quite certain about the reasons to hire a contractor, the following tips can help you decide whether you should hire an expert for your cabinet refacing project.


  • Understand the Project: You won't know whether you can handle a kitchen cabinet reface yourself unless you know exactly what is involved. What are the tear-down steps? What materials are you using to reface the kitchen cabinets? Knowing exactly what the job entails gives you a better idea of whether you've got the skills to handle it or need to call in a professional contractor. If you're familiar with woods and basic carpentry, you might be a great candidate for refacing your own kitchen cabinets. But know that not all kitchen reface jobs are equal. If you're using a pressure-sensitive wood veneer with sticky backing, a little patience can go a long way for the amateur cabinet refacer. However, if your kitchen refacing job involves the refinishing or painting of vinyl or Formica cabinets, you should hire a contractor, because these are not DIY-friendly projects.
  • Refacer, Know Thyself: Knowing your project and knowing yourself are two sides of the same coin. Are you good with tools? Have you successfully completed other home improvement projects? Do you tend to be patient and detail-oriented, or are you at least willing to be while you complete your kitchen cabinet reface job? You don't want to be so determined to save on contractor fees that you end up with something that looks bad or won't last. You really don't want to have to call in a professional to undo and then redo your cabinet reface.
  • The Time Factor: If your life is hectic or you don't have a lot of home improvement experience, refacing your kitchen cabinets could take up to a week. In that case, you might want to hire a contractor simply because a professional should be able to finish the job in a day or two.

Ultimately, your level of expertise and knowledge should give you a good idea of whether or not you need to hire a contractor to reface your kitchen cabinets. Just make sure you do your research and calculate the costs carefully. Making the right decision increases the likelihood that you have a quality job that lasts for years.

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