Face Your Kitchen
Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Should you replace kitchen cabinets?

Along with appliance style, cabinetry can be a telltale sign of the true age of a kitchen as well as a sign of how much wear and tear the kitchen has seen. You don't have to replace kitchen cabinets entirely in order to keep your kitchen beautiful, however. Refacing kitchen cabinets can provide an updated look without the expense of brand new cabinetry.

3 reasons you might want to replace kitchen cabinets

1. Your contractor installed your cabinets wearing bell bottoms--the first time they were in style

While it is not necessary to adjust the look of a kitchen each time a new fad comes around, old styles require updating from time to time. If you are in the market for an update, ask about newer or classic styles at a local home improvement store or lumber yard. A fresh look could be as easy as sanding and staining the cabinets you already have.

2. Those hinges and handles and knobs--oh my!

Old or damaged hardware is a dead giveaway that a kitchen needs an update. If cabinets are sturdy and clean, a new look can be achieved simply by replacing the hardware. For an impressive result, find a style you like and coordinate all the pieces--for example, do not install modern silver knobs on a door with old-fashioned brass hinges.

3. There is a visible need for the 3 Rs

Just as new cabinets can give a kitchen a sense of style and beauty, scratched, dingy cabinets make a kitchen look older than it is. Unless your cabinets are seriously warped or damaged, refacing is an excellent alternative to replacing kitchen cabinets. Remember the three Rs: refinish, repaint and repair. With a little work, your kitchen will look brand new.

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