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Sometimes, the Outside Matters as Much as the Inside

by Joe Cooper
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

Sometimes, both the inside and the inside are what count most. If the interiors of your cabinets are falling apart, you may need entirely new cabinets. But if the insides are intact, and only the outside needs an upgrade, kitchen cabinet refacing can offer you all the options you need.

If the exteriors of your kitchen cabinets are all that need replacing, consider refacing. With functional interiors and satisfying storage space, an exterior overhaul could be all your cabinets need. During the 1-2 weeks that an average refacing project will take, your cabinet doors will be removed, their surfaces completely refaced, and replaced back in your kitchen, giving the room a whole new look.

Refacing kitchen cabinets includes a variety of finishes at the end of the process, allowing homeowners to choose stain colors and other effects like glazing or misting.

Getting a Refacing Upgrade

Refacing can also come with upgrade options, like new hardware, new storage features, or new doors completely. Professionals can reface the exterior of your cabinets to match brand new doors, which can really spruce up your kitchen.

If homeowners choose to replace cabinet doors completely, choices like maple and oak offer a traditional look, and pine and hickory can work well in a country kitchen. Choosing new doors with glass or plexi in-lays can give your kitchen a contemporary feel, and really change the way the space looks.

Hiring a cabinet refacing company will generally give you these kinds of options. And the entire project will still amount to less than brand new cabinets.


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Joe Cooper writes home services and design articles and edits medical literature. He holds a bachelor's in American Literature from UCLA.

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