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The Top 5 Ways to Protect Yourself When Hiring a Cabinet Refacing Contractor

by Melissa Bullard
Face Your Kitchen Columnist

In an ideal world, scam artists would be fiction's plot devices and you could always rely on paying for a job well done the first time. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case when it comes to hiring contractors for kitchen cabinet refacing and other home improvement projects. However, there are ways to protect yourself when you're refacing your kitchen cabinets. Follow these five tips when you're shopping around for a kitchen cabinet refacing contractor.

  1. Contact your Better Business Bureau: Once you've met with a contractor for the initial interview, it's a good idea to contact the Better Business Bureau or another consumer protection agency. No matter how agreeable they seem at the time, you don't want to hire someone with a long record of complaints against them.
  2. Get a legitimate, written contract: If daytime courtroom TV can reveal anything, it's that if you try to sue for a poorly done job when there is no contract, you're not going to get a penny. Not only does a contract lay out the terms of the reface, but it also reveals the contractor's work ethic, legitimacy (ask for the business number on the contract, then look it up), and what you should end up paying.
  3. Get references and check them: Legitimate, experienced contractors should have no problem giving you the names and contact information of past kitchen reface clients. Contact these clients and, if possible, arrange visits to take a look at your prospective contractor's handiwork.
  4. Only hire a contractor with insurance: Let's face it, accidents happen, and in the case something goes wrong on the job site or someone gets injured, you don't want the payment for that coming out of your pocket or your insurance. Ask a contractor for their insurance company information, then call and verify that they actually are insured.
  5. Check into qualifications: Find out whether the contractor you are considering has all the necessary licenses for your state. Also, check for any professional credentials or certifications and make sure they're legitimate; professional association credentials can be a good indicator of the quality of your contractor.

The good news is that there are honest, legitimate contractors out there, and although they are usually the busiest (for good reason), getting your kitchen cabinet refacing job done right the first time is worth the wait and effort. Educate yourself as much as possible ahead of time to know you're making the best choice.


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